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Vi invitiamo a partecipare al primo mini campo di lavoro del 2018. La primavera è alle porte. Ma la natura è ancora una bella addormentata nel...



Vacanze condivise al villaggio.


17 Lug - 29 Lug 2016
campo S.C.I.
The main lines of work during the volunteer summer work-camps are 
- clearing paths in the woods, putting signals and mapping trails
- help in the re-construction and embellishment of public structures (the guest-house, the library, the tool shop, showers and compost toilets, the camping site)
- help set up for the Village Festival (renovation and mending of the outer stage, the circus-theatre, the lab spaces such as the BigOak and the 12Oaks Clearing
- help in the wood cycle (making firewood from our forests' logs)
- help in the digital world (communication, translation, site update, graphic design...) 
- help in the daily management of the house where the Volunteers are hosted (or the camping site when that is the case)
- kitchen team
- according to each volunteer's talent, attitude, and ability, we encourage participation in the organization  of the camp itself, in the optimization of our working procedures, up to the actual planning and designing of specific projects, experiencing personal responsibility and teamwork in the same context.